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Currently, 900 million people are using Facebook Messenger, and the application is the second most popular after WhatsApp, which has over 1 billion active users. People like to be in touch with their loved ones or to meet new friends on the internet, and Facebook is even helping them to find their soul mates. But there are many other things you can do on Facebook Messenger and we’ll tell you about its important features.

Call A Taxi Or Order Food

Bots will be omnipresent and people will use them to make their lives better. A smartphone with an internet connection will get you out of trouble every time you need an information or to buy things. And Facebook Messenger has introduced bots that allow users to order food – which is delivered to their door, to call an Uber or Lyft or to even play Messenger’s version of Chat Roulette.

Send A 15 Second Video

Until now, we were able to send only images and emoticons. Facebook has introduced the option to send a short video of only 15 seconds, which is recorded with the phone’s camera, by holing down the middle circle for video.

Play The Hidden Basketball Game

The hidden basketball game was secretly added in March, coinciding with March Madness, Men’s Basketball Tournament. In order to play it, users will send a basketball emoji to their friends and if they tap on it, the game will begin.

Play Chess With Your Friends

If you’re not good at basketball, then you’re probably attracted to intelligence games. Chess is another hidden game in Facebook Messenger and it can be played by typing “@fbchess” into a chat window.

Share Your Location

If you want your friends to find your location without giving them too much information about the place, or its address, simply tap the three dots from the bottom right of the chat window and choose “location”. You friends will know where you are and will come to have a drink with you.

Drawing On Photos

Why not sending a photo of you with a moustache or horns? Normal photos are boring, so make fun of yours and send them to your friends to laugh together. Select the photo you want to draw on from your camera roll and use your imagination to customize it.

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