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3 Ways Android Users Can Still Watch Flash Content On Their Device

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It’s been some time since Android decided to use HTML 5 in lieu? of Adobe Flash Player – all in the effort to provide a safer, faster browsing experience for users.

However, there is a plethora? of content with Flash embedded into it, and this means trouble for Android users. And, since Android doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player, it’s no longer found in the Google Play Store for people to download.

By now, most people know how to safely install the latest Adobe Flash version onto their PC. However, they should also know how to do it on their Android device. Although Android no longer supports Adobe Flash Player, there are ways in which a person can still install it onto their device.

Manually Install It

Although Adobe Flash Player is not downloadable from the Google Play Store, it is downloadable from the Archived versions page for Flash Player. How?

  • Connect device to the Internet
  • Open Settings menu, tapping on Applications or Security and tapping Unknown Sources and confirming it by pressing Ok. Shut down Settings.
  • Upon launching the browser, users will need to visit the Archive page on the Adobe’s website, scrolling down to find the Android archives for the Flash Player.
  • The latest Flash Player version for the user’s Android OS should be downloaded. Once done, the browser needs to be closed.
  • The notifications box needs to be opened and then apk file tapped to install. When the installation is done, users can now watch Flash Player content on their Android device.

Dolphin Browser


One of the easiest way to use Flash Player on an Android device is to install the Dolphin Browser. How can a person do this?

  • Visit Google Play, downloading and installing the browser. Open it and go into the Settings menu. There’s an option for Flash Player, which needs to be set for “always on”.
  • With the browser, go to a Flash Player embedded page or type in “Adobe Flash test” in Google. The page will notify the user that they’ll need to download Flash’s apk file. For this to be done, the device needs to be set for “install from unknown sources” in the Settings menu. Install the file.
  • Once installed, the user will have Adobe Flash Player on their device.

Puffin Browser


Another simple way to have Adobe Flash Player on an Android device is to use the Puffin Browser. There’s no need to download the apk file since the browser already supports it. Puffin uses Flash content in the cloud, not locally, and the playback experience is choppy?.