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WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging applications out there, being used by 1 billion people who live all over the world. In the past, you had to pay a yearly fee of 0.99 dollars to use this application, but it seems that the developers have decided to completely remove it and to make the application totally free. They are also releasing new updates and they’re continuously working on adding new features.

Yesterday we’ve talked about the WhatsApp 2.16.102 update that was released for Windows Phone which brought a redesigned user interface and quote support for replies, but it seems that along with these two new features, a bug has slipped into the application.

According to reports, some users have reported that the new multi-select feature that has been added in the last update was quite buggy and when people were trying to use it, this would render the chat screen unresponsive until the back button was tapped. In other words, in order to “unfreeze” your WhatsApp application, users had to return to the WhatsApp home by tapping on the “return” button.

The new WhatsApp 2.16.108 for Windows Phone is fixing the bug that was introduced in WhatsApp 2.16.102, but it also fixes other bugs and issues that were brought long time ago and neglected since then.

The WhatsApp 2.16.108 is the latest BETA version for Windows Phone devices and it can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone. However, keep in mind that since this version of the application is currently in BETA phase, you may find errors or other new bugs that were introduced along with it.

When it comes to the rumored “Video Calling” feature, there is no news regarding it or if the developers are at least working on it. However, there are reports which say that the WhatsApp application needs a “Video Calling” feature or else it will be left behind by other mobile messaging applications which already have it.

Have you installed the WhatsApp 2.16.108 BETA on your Windows Phone device? Tell us your thoughts about it!