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On Wednesday, VideoLAN announced the release of a VLC for the Windows 10 app. Though it is only the beta version, it is the result of a long developing period and lots of issues that the team had to resolve. The new app for Windows 10 includes all the features and options you knew about for both iOS and Android, with the addition of some goodies.

The president of VLC, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, declared that just like the classic version of the VLC, the app will support a huge number of formats. It offers a media library where you can manage your videos, a browser where you can see the network shares and a full player that allows chapters, subtitles and also synchronization audio/video.

Besides the basic features, the app also integrated some options that are specific for Windows 10, such as voice command through Cortana, pinning albums and artists to Start menu, Live Tiles and Continuum, an option available only for those who own a Lumia 950 or 950 XL phone.

The president of the company also declared that they chose to use some technologies specific for Windows 10, such as DirectX 11.1 options that address low-latency audios and other video issues. Furthermore, this offers a better battery life and a flawless 4K playback.

You will also enjoy a picture-in-picture option, so you can browse the library while one of your videos is playing. All the audio files you have will be sorted according to the artist and album, so it’s easy to search for a particular file. The app will find for you details about artists, such as bio information, and also suggest similar musicians. Currently, the app is working on PCs with Windows 10, tablets and phones. In a few weeks it will be available also for Windows 8.1, RT 8.1 and Phone 8.1 devices.

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