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The UC Browser is a mobile browser that has been developed by UCWeb, a Chinese mobile internet company), and it has been released for public in April 2004. Right now, UC Browser is one of the most used mobile browsers out there.

We have some good news for the fans of this browser, as it seems that the UWP UC Browser application will be soon released for Windows 10 as a Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

This has also been confirmed on the company’s official Twitter page, but for some reason no additional information was offered. In other words, we are sure that the application will be released for Windows 10 soon, but we don’t know yet when that will happen and what features will come with it. There are rumors which say that the upcoming UWP UC Browser will most likely allow users to sync their phones’ bookmarks to the desktop version of the browser.

It is good to know that the UC Browser is allowing users to access their favorite pages without having to go through menus. This is one of the features that many users enjoy and we’re hoping that the company will keep it in the upcoming UWP app version. In addition, it is very easy to navigate on UC Browser and after a few minutes of use you will understand all that it can do and it will feel like you have been using it forever.

The UC Browser is using data compression and cloud acceleration and its servers are acting as a proxy. Thanks to these two features, the browser is able to compress web pages before sending them to the users, which means that the web pages will load faster as they will be compressed.

Will you use the UC Browser once it will be released as an UWP application? Tell us your thoughts about the UC Browser!