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For all of you GTA enthusiasts out there, here is an overview of all of the rumors about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 game so far.

GTA 6 absence at E3

Fans were expecting Rockstar to say something about GTA 6 at the E3 event with took place this month, but nothing was even remotely mentioned about it. This could indicate that they aren’t even planning to develop it at this point.


After the very obvious lack of mention of the game at the E3 event, fans begun to speculate on the question of the location for the sixth installment in the series.

Some have suggested that it will take place in London, because many of the developers involved in the game series are British and because Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar has stated at some point that he doesn’t want GTA to be limited only to American culture.

Other fans believe that the location might be San Fierro or Las Venturas because this was a map in GTA: San Andreas that was never completed and making it the map for GTA 6 would satisfy many fans’ curiosity.

The speculations don’t stop there, as some other people believe that the game will be set in Liberty City, but no one knows which city this might be. It’s also possible that this city will be features in a GTA 5 DLC.

Finally, some other fans have suggested that the next game map will be all of the maps in the series so far.


One of the more interesting rumors about GTA 6 is related to its trailer. Fans believe that a trailer for the game will be released sometime this year, but that seems very unlikely because there hasn’t been any statement from Rockstar regarding the game.

A deviant game

After Leslies Benzies’s departure from Rockstar, after suing the company for 150 million dollars, many fans believe that GTA 6 will go a completely different path that the one most of the series were for so long.

Delayed because of GTA 5 online

The online Component in GTA 5 has been a very profitable one that had brought Rockstar approximately 500 million dollars in revenue. Because of this, it’s very possible that the development of the sixth installment will be delayed in order to get the most profit out of the online GTA 5 version.

This also means that there will probably be monetary transactions in the GTA 6 as well.


It’s also rumored that the GTA 6 will feature a different gameplay than the one fans are used to such as the introduction of new supercars with new stunts and even a female character that may be voiced by actress Eva Mendes plus a male character that will be voiced by her boyfriend, actor Ryan Gosling.


Some fans and analysts speculate that the upcoming game will go back in time but that is very unlikely.

Release Date

The game will presumably be released sometime in 2018 or 2020 based on a five year gap between the previous games and because it’s customary to release major games along with new game consoles. The most anticipated game consoles in the near future are PS5 and Xbox Two.

It’s also speculated that the game will come with full VR support as well.