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Can’t deny it, Bethesda and PlayStation works better than ice cream and chocolate. This June we were supposed to get mod support for Fallout 4 (for PS gamers), but the publisher announced that it will be delayed. We already received the mod support and also the tools for Creation Kit for Xbox One and PC, but as it seems, the team needs more time to get through Sony’s limitations.

Fallout 4 is one of the most successful games for PC and consoles on the last year’s market. Bethesda’s move of bringing mod support for PlayStation is a first in this industry. They are actually trying to keep everybody engaged and buying more official content. However, they did not provide any date for releasing mods on PS4, they are just currently working on the 3 issues they know to appear before they will make it public.

It is obvious that it’s a priority for Bethesda to make mods work for PS4, since they want to release an update for the fantastic adventure game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, containing the same option. Presumably, the company doesn’t want to spoil the new version, so we assume they will try their best to solve everything until the official release on October 28th.

Actually, the PS3 version of Skyrim was famous for the technical issues it had, and many people reported lots of bugs. The company spent a lot of time fixing the slow frame-rate and lots of other bugs. However, if the last time all the problems were caused by the poor hardware of the PS3, not it seems that the source of all evils is the Sony policy and software. Keep in mind that Sony has placed a limit of 900 MB for mods uploaded by the users through the creation kit though!

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