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Since its launch, Clash of Clans has received many updates, but players ask for more and they’re not stopping until Supercell will satisfy all their desires. The developer hasn’t announced a new update, but it’s collecting ideas from fans and will try to implement them. Below we’ll tell you about some of gamers’ suggestions.

Until, Supercell has been very busy upgrading troops, elixirs and spells and has detected cheaters and took them down. In addition, the developer has brought many bug fixes and improvements, but fans are insatiable and demand more upgrades. Supercell has launched a special page for fanatics who want to contribute to the success of the game, by offering ideas about possible features.

On the Supercell forum, Clash of Clans fans can find daily, weekly and monthly quests, and ideas related to clans include advanced clanless search or faster clan transfer. They also dream of having a Clan Troop Bank, new leadership positions or roles, although positions in a clan are limited. A co-leader is almost as influential as the leader, and if the leader demotes himself, the co-leader can take its place. As for the Elder, its role is to invite and accept new members or to kick out an old clan member for a good reason.

Fans would want heroes to become useable in wars, while they’re still upgrading, to not wait until the upgrade finishes. Another useful addition would be a 23-hour preparation time for war and players would also want Clan War Tournaments, as well as Four stars battle system for the Clan Wars. Players have imagined new flags languages and they’ve suggested a new level-up reward and Village Lock Mode + Select all Buildings options.

Clash of Clans was released on August 2 2011 for iOS and on October 7 for Android. It’s a free MMO strategy video game, in which players build their own village, raise an army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons etc. and go to battle with other players to take their Trophies.