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WhatsApp Now Offers Desktop Version

WhatsApp developers finally listened to its users by crafting and releasing a desktop app that can be used on both Windows and Mac computers. Even better is that the developers added the ability to share files, which was just recently added to both the iOS and Android mobile versions.


How Can WhatsApp Users Attain The Desktop Version?

Users who don’t have the desktop version need to visit the WhatsApp download center to find the version that matches their device. Once the page opens, they’ll need to scan the QR code using the phone. WhatsApp will appear on the desktop. In the web-based version, users will need to visit, scanning the code.

To send documents via the app, users will have to click the paperclip on the top right side. Once click, the drop-down menu appears where users can share any number of things – photos, videos, documents or webcam photos. Users will need to click on the document and choose the file they want to send.

PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and other things can be sent….although the limit is 100MB.

The reality though is that WhatsApp is still one of the market’s best. Rumors are circulating that developers are working on new features to add to the program – sending archives, call back shortcuts or recording voicemails. Of course, it’s not official and only time will tell what happens.