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Samsung recently announced that they will be skipping the long-expected Note 6 and jumping directly to Note 7. The reason they offered was that they want the phablets to be in line with the S smartphones they launched earlier this year.

According to their announcement, Note 7 will have a design similar to the Galaxy S7, his little brother. This means a curvy edge instead of the flat design Samsung chose until now for their phablets. However, Note 7 will be significantly larger than the S7 or S7 Edge smartphones and it will also come together with its own stylus, a Samsung S Pen.

Moreover, it will have some interesting new feature. It will have a biometric dimension, which is translated with an iris scanner. If it is indeed true that Samsung will be using this type of technology, you will be able to unlock your Note 7 simply with your eyes. Also, the stylus is a great addition, along with a bigger screen that is very helpful.

The iris scanning technology was first tested on the Lumia 960 phone from Microsoft. Also, the team that designed ZTE Axon 7 was also planning to include this type of recognition on their phone. When asked why did they quite, they said that the phone technology was not compatible with iris scanning for practical reasons. As it seems, this will be a huge obstacle for Samsung too, since they will have to find the appropriate technologies. Moreover, though it may seem a brilliant idea, they will have to ask themselves how useful it is. In the end, they don’t want another useless feature, like the smart scroll using the eyes was for Galaxy S5.