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Pokemon Sun and Moon are two highly-anticipated role-playing video game series that will be released in November, but The Pokemon Company has avoided giving too much information about them. However, tomorrow we’ll enter July and the developers will disclose fresh details about the upcoming games.

At exactly 6 AM PTD (10 PM in The Pokémon Company’s home country, or 2 PM in the UK), fans of the cute Pokemon creatures will find out more details about the first installments in the seventh generation of the famous series. In the past months, Nintendo has teased gamers with fragments of information, revealing a new landscape – the Aloha region, as well as new Pokemon monsters that will be met by trainers in the real world.

Nintendo attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016, where it talked about a new combat mode named “Battle Royal”, in which four trainers will send three Pokemon to battle with their opponents, one at a time. Fans started using their imagination and came up with all kinds of theories on the gameplay.

Currently, it isn’t known how much you will be able to customize your Pokemon, but in the trailers that have been released recently, we’ve spotted vehicles such as a truck, fire engine and ambulance, that will be used to get around.

The developers will bring new Pokemon creatures with interesting looks and abilities in the next “Pokemon Sun and Moon” updates and fans are speculating that a second region will be introduced. Until the official release of Pokemon Sun and Moon on June 18 in
Japan, North America, and Australia, or November 23 in Europe, fanatics will continue to terrorize developers to offer them more information about the new gameplay of the series.

Gamers have English Pokémon YouTube channel and Japanese channel where they will catch-up with the latest news about “Pokemon Sun and Moon.”