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Everybody is expecting Apple to launch a new iPhone this fall and people have already named it iPhone 7.

Presumably, the new iPhone is already being mass produced and there are many leaked popping up online about it.

The latest rumor comes from Cowen and Company analysts who believe that the upcoming smartphone will feature a Force Touch Home Button which means that there will be a button that detects the subtle differences when you apply pressure to it thus enabling it to perform various actions, instead of the regular iPhone home button.

Cowen and Company analysts also say that the Force Touch button in the iPhone 7 will feature a motor inside that will give the impression that the button is physically taken and they base these statements on a leaked photo that was posted online at the beginning of the month.

Apart from this, they also believe the iPhone 7 will be waterproof and will no longer feature a headphone jack.

Ben Lovejoy from 9to5Mac has posted that the upcoming iPhone will sport a home button with a haptic feedback that will make it seem like a click and in fact resemble the sensation of touching a Force Touch Button. His statement is based on an anonymous source that had an IP address that was located close to Apple’s Headquarters. But if that is the situation, then Apple will have to implement a different physical button in order to reset the device.

Statistically, home buttons on iPhones are some of the most common failures encountered by users and many believe that something needs to be done about that. Perhaps these talks about the home button problems will influence to some the degree the way Apple will approach the issue in the near future. There are also rumors that the upcoming iPhone will resemble a single glass sheet.