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Did you think that you will avoid viruses and malware by installing applications and games from the Google Play Store. Theoretically, content is verified before being published on the official Android store, but somehow, Google’s employees were unable to detect an application that steals Viber photos and videos. Its name is Beaver Gang Counter and according to its description, is a score keeping application, but in reality, once it’s installed on the device, it starts searching media files related to Viber and when it finds them, it sends them to a remote server.

Symantec was the one who discovered what this application is doing and it contacted Google in order to remove Beaver Gang Counter from the Google Play store. It isn’t known if it made any victims, but this application reminds us of the Celebgate (The Fappening) incident which destroyed the reputation of many famous VIPs after hackers broke into their iCloud accounts and stole their nude photos.

Most likely, hackers who created Beaver Gang Counter had in mind to use stolen Viber photos and videos to blackmail, stalk or steal victims’ identity. The malicious behavior of this application doesn’t manifest immediately. Its code contains a pinging feature that waits for C&C server’s permission to check and collect files, but this functionality wasn’t detected when performing the background check.

Viber is a very popular application, being installed on over 500 million devices and we’re pretty sure that some of the users are sharing pornographic material which, if it gets into the wrong hands, it can be used to extort money from victims. This is why you should stay away from Beaver Gang Counter and to install a trusted application to keep score for popular card games. Another similar application that damaged Android devices after rooting them and installing unwanted applications was LevelDropper.

However, if you want to install the latest update of Google Play store, you will find version 6.8.20.F-all [0] 3015572 on the internet.