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WhatsApp Releases A Desktop Version For Popular Instant Messaging Program

PC users can rest easy now – they’ve finally got a WhatsApp version for their desktop, and they’re going to be happy with the way it works. Another reason they’ll be happy? They don’t have to open a browser and link it to their accounts. Now, they can just download the app, scanning the QR code with the phone’s camera to begin talking with friends.


In the past, users had to use a supported browser – Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera – to visit and scan the QR code on the website with their phone’s camera. However, the PC’s application can be attained from the app’s official website. Users must still scan the QR code since it’s the only way messages and conversations from the phone are synched.

WhatsApp said the desktop app is just an extension of the phone. Users can switch between messages on their computers and smartphone since it’s real-time synched. Connections are interrupted if the user signs out from their phone.

There are an array of advantages with the desktop WhatsApp version:

  • Longer messages can be quickly written
  • Images and files can be shared quicker
  • People can write messages to more than one person, since they can just alt/tab between the screens

WhatsApp desktop users are in agreement that it’s far more responsive and still offers end-to-end encryption benefits.

Several features include:

  • Document sharing
  • Desktop notifications
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Some users are not pleased with the installation’s verification process.

WhatsApp is constantly updated, which means the most recent available file to be installed is 2.16.86 BETA that can be found in Google Play Store. However, a person must be a tester to get it.