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We are all expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be released in a few months from now. The excitement grows more and more every day – especially when seeing the plenty of leaks that pop up every week.

The unexpected name and the skip on the Note 6 model were one of the initial leaks telling us that Samsung wants to keep things in line – and order – by syncing all the models with the same numbers. That way, the Galaxy Note 7 will be in line with the Galaxy S7 Edge and the next series of phones will hold the number 8.


In the newest ‘episode’ of the Galaxy Note 7 leaks, things get a lot better. The flagship ‘phablet’ will feature an amazing design and even better specifications.

But the most interesting part comes with the phone’s software. According to the most recent leaks, the Galaxy Note 7 will have a similar functionality like the Apple 3D Touch. Now, we won’t scratch the surface of arguments whether this move by Samsung is one of a copycat, and we will just say that a phablet like the Galaxy Note 7 definitely needs a revolutionary feature like this one.

In case you are missing out on what the 3D Touch feature brings, it is basically a feature that lets users perform different functions by simply applying different types of pressure to the screen. For example, you can pop up and preview a link and with pressing the link slightly harder – or go in more depth in some of the apps’ functions.

However, according to the Italian HDBlog, Samsung’s 3D Touch on the Galaxy Note 7 won’t be exactly like that. In fact, the Samsung 3D Touch feature will let you swipe up on an app icon with your finger or stylus – and open a menu that contains various shortcuts for the app in question.

There is even a walkthrough video of this amazing new feature presented by the blog. We are sharing it below so you can see the leaked feature in a better way:

As for the other leaked features on the Galaxy Note 7, we already know that it will have a dual edge screen version and that it will be made up of powerful hardware. The software tweaks are definitely something that should be upgraded as well – and this leak shows that it is likely going to happen.