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Pokémon Fans Wait Excitedly For Pokémon GO’s Public Release

Pokémon GO’s BETA testing has been going on since March – Japan was the first country to participate. Since that time, New Zealand, Australia and now the United States has gotten in on the fun.


Fans interested in becoming a BETA tester need to sign up at the official website of Niantic Lab, Pokémon ’s game developer. However, it must be mentioned that not every person who signs up to become a tester will actually be chosen for it. Should a person be given an invitation, they should have their Android or iOS device ready.

They need to keep all details regarding the game to themselves. Niantic will also ensure this happens by deleting the game content many times through the testing time. Since it’s unlikely fans will get a lot of information from Pokémon GO beta testers, the rest of the world will have to just review the information provided on Niantic’s blog.

Pokémon Go is regarded as being the next generation “Real World Gaming” platform, bringing together mobile location technology with augmented reality. It offers players a whole other gaming experience outside the cell phone and real world. Players of Pokémon Go need to catch their wild Pokémon outside in the player’s actual surrounding.

For example, players can catch Water Pokémon when close to oceans and lakes.

Poké Balls, Eggs and assorted special items are found in various locations – historical markers, museums, public art installations. In order for eggs to hatch, players need to walk.

There will be close to real-like battles offered in Pokémon GO, where players can fight for gym ownership and prestige. They can join any of the three teams and battle in locations that are in the real-world.

The game’s concept is rather unusual compared to other mobile apps.  It brings the real world and virtual world together ensuring that Pokémon fans have excited, having fun and, most of all, being entertained. It breaks apart the technology trap that makes people ignore the outside world. Despite mobile game playing, people must still go outside to carry out tasks in the game.

People are definitely waiting for Pokémon GO, regardless of the fact they need to go outside and “exercise” to hatch eggs or find PokéBalls.