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Yes – we have posted a lot about how AMD and Nvidia revolutionized gaming this year. However, after wrapping up all the information and briefs on their specifications, we suggest that the brand new graphics cards are worth waiting for – at least a bit more.

‘Why wait more and not buy the GTX 1080, GTX 1070?’ – you are asking yourself.

Well, logic says that the prices of these graphics cards will drop even more. If you want to up-level your gaming, waiting some time for the prices to drop can save you some buck. Knowing that these are the freshest models at the moment, their prices (although not much expensive) are even fresher.

If you don’t feel like rushing and want the best graphics card, you are lucky. The GTX 1080 is available right now – and there is no reason at all to not buy it. On the other hand, if you want to renew your machine with another graphics card for SLI or Crossfire, this may be a bad idea. Why?

Well, only the GTX 980 Ti in SLI has comparable features to the GTX 1080. On top of that, its price is cheaper and will save you a lot.

If the Titan X or Radeon R9 Fury X are better options for you, we recommend you to only buy them if you find them for around $400 or cheaper – a price similar to the GTX 1070 which still performs better.

This video showcases the features of both GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 models:

If you want to save a bit and not invest too much in a graphics card – or you don’t need it immediately – the AMD RX 480 can perfectly fit your budget. However, it is a card that you should await – or should we say, that’s worth the wait because of its low price.

According to AMD, the RX 480 is a great card for all the gamers who play on 1920×1080 resolution screens. The VR capability is another major advantage. However, this option is a lot cheaper than the GTX models, and AMD announced that there will be even cheaper alternatives in their new series – exactly for the 1080p and MOBA videogames. The RX 470 and RX 460 will be available this week, but their price difference doesn’t motivate us to recommend them as we recommend the RX 480 model.

The results of the benchmark tests on the RX 480 are perfectly described in this video:

The ‘battle of the graphics cards’ continues to take place on Reddit as well, where many users take part in the interesting discussion about the performances of the new graphics cards.