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Last year, Google released two smartphones under the Nexus brand. This year, the trend will likely remain the same. However, we don’t know the exact time of the release – but there have been some rumors buzzing their way around.

The usual device announcement for Google happens at the Google I/O developer conference. This conference took place a month ago – with no clue for a new Nexus smartphone. This brings our fingers to the forehead and lets us wonder if there will be new Nexus phones released this year.

nexus-6p (1)

However, recent rumors claim that Google has handed out the rights for the 2 new Nexus phones to HTC, the Taiwanese Android manufacturer. The last year Nexus 6P model by Huawei remains as one of the best smartphones for 2015 and undoubtedly the best Nexus phone to ever be built. However, HTC is getting the party this year.

Android as a operating system, on the other side, has been updated as well. The newest Android N version is a platform that stands out as the most advanced one we have ever seen – and one that cannot compare to any other according to many experts.

This is a sign that the next Nexus phones by HTC must be a life-changer. Yes – we know that the Nexus phones may be cheaper alternatives to the Galaxy and Apple phones – but this will likely change. Clean Android N is the future of this revolution – and HTC are making a leap forward in that direction.

According to GizmoChina, HTC has already made some handsets and tested them with running Android N. The pressure-sensitive touch display is another one of the groundbreaking features they will apparently have, according to the rumors and reports that Google has finally incorporated the support for these touch displays into Android N’s code. If we read between the lines, the new HTC Nexus phones in 2016 will be touch sensitive, better in terms of design and undoubtedly with a better performance.

google-nexus-6p (1)

The best thing about these new Nexus phones is that they will apparently be the first ones to run the brand new Android N. This is definitely something to be expected as a smart move from Google. In case you are not a fan of the Nexus phones, you will (still) get your Android N version during the first few months of 2017.

The HTC Nexus phones will until then be the ones to ‘rule the scene’ – with new touch features, specifications, improved design and most importantly – the amazing Android N operating system.