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It’s about time the iPhone 7 rumors got a bit legit – with better and actual pictures of the phone’s design. Now, there have been some rumors that Apple won’t change many things for the new iPhone – mostly because of their 2 year lifespan in which every 2 years, they present a revolutionary model.

So, should we expect major changes in the iPhone 7 – or some small improvements?

The truth is – we don’t know. But according to the latest rumors, Apple really knows how to make their models convincing enough for people to buy them – even if they are not packed with a lot of new and improved features.

That fact goes for the iPhone 7 as well, which will likely have an improved camera and screen. In fact, the camera will be huge and improved – and these leaked pictures published by 9To5Mac prove it.


This is by far one of the most accurate leaked photos of the iPhone 7’s shell. Now although we don’t know whether it will hold the name ‘iPhone 7’ yet, we definitely know that the camera will be improved. That is simply what the new iPhone MUST bring as a change.

Here are some other concepts that rolled out as well – featuring the improved back shell case and the reinvented antenna lines.



If you are waiting for the new iPhone 7 model as much as we are, these pics definitely come as eye candy for you. There may be a change in iPhone’s colors as well – introducing new blue, black and a reinvention of the existing rose gold color. Or, maybe the rose gold color scheme won’t find its place at all.

Until these rumors are approved and officialized, we can’t help but look at these amazing pictures of iPhone 7’s new design. Apple, thanks for the bigger camera- it was about time!