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Good news for the Mass Effect fans! As it seems, soon the novels wearing the same title will become available in stores. They will be published by Titan Books and as it seems, they represent both a prequel and a sequel to the events that take place in the video games. However, the book plots differ from the ones presented in the video games, though they are incorporated in the Mass Effect saga.

What is indeed interesting and useful is the fact that they bring some answers to a lot of questions the game has given birth to. Also, it reveals more details about the characters in the franchise.

Titan Books did not declare exactly when they will release the books, but we do know that the first book is titled Mass Effect: Andromeda Initiative. Also, it will be released in August 2016 and it is written by N. K. Jemsin, who is the author of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms too.

The next books are said to appear in March and September 2017. However, it is not known who will wrote them and what the titles will be. The last book will be published in March 2018 and the author will be Mac Walters, who is the creative director of Mass Effect.

Andromeda will be released next year in March for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It was supposed to be released initially in 2016, but they postponed it to 2017, apparently because the developers wanted to deliver everything to the max.

Besides these books, Titan Books will also release other two titles: Dishonored and Deus Ex. The first one is written by Adam Christopher and is set to be released in July, while the second one will hit the stores in August.