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This week, Rockstar has brought the Pfister 811 to GTA Online for the two rival consoles Xbox One and PS4, as well as for PC, and the Super car has been described as “an ample competitor with a sleek, refined look”. On the other hand, fans will be happy to hear that the Independence Day content will return on July 1 and in total, they will have eleven days to grab the discounted items.

So, from July 1 until July 11, GTA Online players will get the returning DLC items at a 25 percent discount. The list of discounted items includes:

– Liberator monster truck;
– Sovereign motorcycle;
– Firework Rocket Launcher + ammo;
– Hats, T-shirts and other things for the celebration of the Independence Day.

Next week, players will be able to make more money via the up-to-8-player Playlist featuring “Road Tripping”, “Across the Wilderness” and “Tour the Lake”. On June 30 will end the Double GTA$ & RP Independence Weekend Playlist and the deals that Rockstar will make available this week include 40 percent off the Turreted Limo, Karin Technical and all Masks and 50 percent off Bull Shark Testosterone.

This summer, Rockstar is expected to release two new cars that won’t be included in the Cunning Stunts update, but it’s known that they will be tunable. More vehicles will make their appearance in the new GTA 5 update that will be released in July, and rumors suggest that a new Academy might be added in the form of a location. A while ago, Rckstar has released Proto with the Powerplay Adversary Mode but for now, we don’t know if each vehicle will be brought as a weekly update until the arrival of Cunning Stunts, which was described as an extension of the existing Creator Tools.

Recently, dataminers have discovered that “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” is codenamed “EXEC1,” meaning that a second update will be released soon.

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