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Bumble – Summer fun app lists can never be complete without a great dating app. Bumble – created by an excommunicated member of the Tinder team, has a different approach to swipe dating. The concept is simple. Rather than the male/female waiting to message first, this app puts the onus on the ladies to make the first move. It’s a fun app to experiment with, and summertime always has love in the air – so you never know if you may just swipe right to the love of your life! (Free)

Enlight – The season of sun always makes life and the world around us seem much brighter and full of beauty. The Enlight app is a perfect companion when taking a great photo, but wanting to creatively enhance it before sharing with friends, family and the social universe. The app can easily complete simple tasks such as highlight the color of a pretty flower, or manipulating the beauty of a sunset, to super imposing and layering images to create beautiful pieces of digital art. No matter your requirements, Enlight is easy to use, yet a sophisticated photo editing app. ($3.99)

VIA –  An excellent ride sharing app, giving the usual suspects a run for their money (cough, Uber, cough, Lyft). Rather than taking an entire car to yourself, with Via, users input their location/destination, allowing other users with similar matches to share the ride and costs. The app has a user friendly and familiar interface, making it simple to get from A to B with ease. Not only does it get you to your destination at a lower cost, but you get a chance to meet people at the same time.  (Free)

Splitwise – Every group of friends has that one person that is a stickler with money. Either they spend too much or too little – Splitwise may be the solution your crew needs this summer. Who bought the BBQ meat? Who paid last night’s drinking tab? Splitwise lets app users input, track and manage all the different expenses for camping trips or wild nights out. Users can log in to the same “tab” to add new expenses, include random IOU’s and monitor the current balance so friends can focus on fun and not finances.(Free)

HeadsUp – Sitting around a camp fire and ran out of songs? In a mini-van with friends or family heading up to the cottage? Kill time with nothing but a smile on your face playing, Heads Up. Place your phone on your forehead ready to answer with this mobile trivia challenge app. Select from a series of categories including movies, sports or purchase other categories if you just can’t get enough. What makes it even more exciting is after the game is over, the camera and microphone capture the last few moments of play.($0.99)

Foursqaure – You and your friends are in a new city, or a new country travelling for the summer – but where are you going to go tonight? Where are you going to eat? Which place has the best 3-alarm chili? Foursquare is a world famous and highly reputable app dedicated to providing geo-based locations for bars, clubs and restaurants. Recognized globally as the ultimate pocket-city-guide, get access to over 60 million reviews from amateurs and experts, in an easy to use app interface, ready to help you and your friends decide where to take your next adventure. (Free)

Facetune – Face it, eventually we will all snap a selfie or two, or have a spontaneous “crew” pic. The picture is great, but the bar was crowded and hot, and you may not be looking your best. Facetune is truly the ultimate selfie revival app. Edit your eyes to be brighter, whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, perfect your photo. The technology behind Facetune is sophisticated but built to be easy to use for on the go editing. Once you use it, you will never replace it. ($3.99)

Skyview – There is something soothing and beautiful about laying down in a field and staring up a sky full of stars. Skyview lets users point their phone’s camera in the sky, tracking all the planets, stars, constellations and objects in view, and even providing details and descriptions. Many similar apps cost a fortune (relative to average App Store prices), but even Skyview free gives its users a window into the universe. Definitely one of those must-try-in-the-moment apps. (Freemium Version)

Tender – Not to get this app confused with the infamous dating app of a similar name. This application is for the food-lovers of the world. Discover new, delicious recipes for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans by swiping images left or right. When users find something they want to cook up, swipe right to save the recipes into the cookbook to impress family or friends. Categorize favorites and swipe-search until you find exactly what you’re looking for. (Free)

JEFIT – Everyone knows summer is the time when we want to get fit, but after all those nights out and BBQ’s, it’s best to keep yourself in tip-top shape. JEFIT is just the perfect workout partner. It provides users with over 1300 accessorizes and workout routines for ab’s, arms, legs and the rest of the body, while giving the option to input your workout data such as reps, weight and distance. Make a work out plan, sift through a large database detailing the different available workouts. The app does an excellent job at tracking your progress and assisting to reach your summer health goals. (Free)