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5 Worthwhile Instant Messaging WhatsApp-Like Alternatives People Can Use

The most used and popular instant messaging program available is WhatsApp, which is offered on every single well-known smartphone operating systems – Windows, Android or iOS. It doesn’t matter what device OS a person has, it can be downloaded with the appropriate app store.


WhatsApp is also supported on BlackBerry along with older Nokia phones that use Symbian. It can be found installed on computers and anything that’s got a web browser. But, the drawback is that to use it, the app may still be installed on the phone.

With that in mind, it’s important to consider some WhatsApp alternatives:


This app was took place at the same time as WhatsApp, offering up similar functions with most of them being first seen in Viber. Many people use it, which means anyone who wants to get away from WhatsApp have a similar alternative with similar functions. It can be found on all OS.


Google offers Hangouts, which can be found on most Android devices. It’s got a worthwhile web version and is offered on iOS and Android. There are a number of Google apps not available on Windows; Hangouts is not an exception. It’s one of the easiest to use instant messaging apps available.

Facebook Messenger

Believe it or not, Facebook has an entirely different app for its messages. A negative point to it though is that there’s no anonymity – everything shared publicly will be seen by people not in a person’s friend list. There’s no lack in features for Facebook Messenger, ensuring it’s easy for group conversations to occur and sharing files. It can be accessed on any computer using a web browser.


Skype is regarded as being an underestimated communication app. But, it’s been in service long before the development of WhatsApp. It offered on most operating systems, regardless of the cellular network (if any) and, so long as there is an Internet connection, Skype stays running.  Skype offers group conversations, private chats, video conferences, private/group calls, etc.  And, with this app, there’s no reason for people to provide others with their phone number.


Line can be found on iOS, Android and Windows along with any computer with a browser. Line is a suitable alternative and can do everything WhatsApp can do, potentially better. It has an mini-social network, allowing users to post updates about their daily activities so their contacts can see it. The app will also make international calls… for a fairly low rate. Line to Line calls through the Internet are free.

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