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Why Are There Delays In Releasing An Updated Jailbreaking Tool

People who still have the iOS 9.1 may decide to stay with it since an upgrade to iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.3.2 could cause them to be unable to jailbreak their phone. The last jailbreaking tool that’s been made available was from Pangu and it was for the iOS 9.1 software.


For folks who’ve already upgraded to a newer version than iOS 9.1, there may be little to no chances of jailbreaking the phone, with hope fading that it’ll ever happen. There were rumors that an iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak was in the works, but half the year is gone and there’s still no jailbreak tool.

3 Reasons For The Delay In Jailbreak Tool Release

Why are the delays in getting a jailbreaking tool getting longer and longer? There are actually a number of reasons.

  • Apple increased its firmware security. Jailbreaking teams find it’s much more difficult to circumvent these defenses. And, some say that the firmware can still be penetrable. However, it appears that Apple has been working hard on its security issues since iOS 9.1 was the last time a jailbreak tool was made public.
  • Luca Todesco, an Italian developer, claims he broke the iOS 9.2.1, posting a screenshot with Cydia on his device. The problem? There can be no verification of it since he’s decided to keep the tool to himself. The only thing that can give him credit was in pointing out a vulnerability in iOS 9.2.1.
  • There’s the possibility that jailbreaking teams are focusing on their efforts on an iOS 9.3.2, and if that’s the case, then they may just be ignoring iOS 9.2.1 and any iOS 9.2 versions.

Considering everything going on, a person should stay with iOS 9.2 since upgrading to iOS 9.3.1 has no jailbreaking tool – just fake files and maybe even malware. If users have already updated their phone, there’s nothing they can do but wait for jailbreaking teams like TaiG and Pangu to develop a safe, dependable jailbreak tool.

Users need to be mindful of the possibility of jailbreaking scams that can occur everywhere. And, before they download a single thing, they need to do their research. If a file is coming from any site that’s not TaiG and Pangu, it’s best if it’s left alone. It could be filled with malware.