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Why Adobe Flash Player and Which Alternatives Are Out There?

When Adobe Flash Player was created, it was regarded as being the one-for-all streaming, running both basic and rich applications – from websites ads to game playing. Despite how long it’s been out, Flash is still an integral part of the Internet.


How Is Adobe Flash Player Used?

Anybody who has surfed the Internet has been subjected to the warning that the content they wanted to view needed a current version of Adobe Flash Player. Of course, the content one wants to view is dependent upon a person’s interest and age – a testing tool or browser game. What are some of the things that need Flash Player?


Flash Player is used to run all sorts of games, and there are an infinite number of websites that have Flash-based games for children (role-playing, shooting games, card games, etc.) Flash is well-known to power them all.

Bear in mind that the majority of Flash games don’t need a lot of gaming rigs to run and most don’t need graphics like today’s titles. This is mainly due to Flash not being well-optimized and that the money for the industry isn’t there for companies to make the investment.

It is what it is!

Web Applications and Animations

Flash does animations quite well. It doesn’t matter if it’s to animate a website banner or for media streaming service such as videos or moving… Flash can handle it. And, Flash is easy to implement, to use and to monetize, which is why no matter what website a person goes to, they’re going to see some aspect to Flash in it.

Time changes all things, and developers are making a change. They’re moving away from forcing users to rely on Flash for the basic web animations to experience a whole website. And, the alternative to Flash is just as easy as Flash – perhaps even easier.

The alternative is called HTML 5, and it lets users embed mp3 and mp4 files without any prior web development language knowledge and without needing any plug-ins. It can be used on any device – smartphones, computer, Smart TVs, and tablets. It’s why YouTube has implemented the HTML 5 Player for their default streaming plugin and is included on all of today’s latest browser versions.