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In the WhatsApp beta versions, the option to do video calling was made available. However, it seems it’s a feature that’s only available in testing stages – a feature that repeatedly comes and goes from the app and proving that developers are working on it. Of course, this happening isn’t odd at all, especially since they did this when voice calling was eventually released.

With the latest and upcoming features, it’s no big surprise that WhatsApp has become so popular and a favorite for people who love instant messaging.

Not too long ago, WhatsApp developers released its desktop app that people all around the world had waited patiently for. And, additional proof that the company is working on bettering their app is the beta version for video calling… accessible only to Google Play beta testers.

Looking at the process WhatsApp has followed in times’ past, people feel the final version will soon be offered. The issue developers are working on is the reduction in data a call uses. They also want to ensure the app is smoother, ensuring there are no lags or drops in calls and encrypting and compressing data.

Many people are going to prefer the WhatsApp program. After all, it’s going to be easy to use and the cost to make long distance calls is much less. It’s also one of the first apps that lets people to make calls via the Internet. WhatsApp is building upon the success of the latest implemented features to provide a high-quality service – to become a major competitor for Skype.