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Pokémon GO isn’t like other previously released Pokémon games, and it’s the closest thing to playing Pokémon. Niantic developed this augmented reality game for both Android and iOS devices. The developer also came up with Ingress, another popular augmented reality game.

The first time the public and fans were introduced to Pokémon GO was in September 2015.

Field tests for the game’s BETA version began in late March in the country of Japan. In April, both New Zealand and Australia announced they were next to have the BETA testing option. And, in May, the United States became the latest country to begin BETA testing. No other field tests are scheduled.

The official release of the game has been announced for July.

What’s The Gameplay Of Pokémon GO?

Although the game has not been officially released to the public, beta testers have offered up an array of information on the game.

  • When there’s a wild Pokémon, players can go into the augmented reality mode to use the camera to catch it or use their screen to do so. From there, players will throw their Poke Ball at the Pokémon, with success occurring when a better kind of Poke Ball is used.
  • As players get a higher trainer level, they come across more powerful Pokémon and attain better objects.
  • Instead of the traditional way of Pokémon evolving, players can choose to evolve a caught Pokémon once a certain amount of the type is caught.
  • Players attain achievement medals upon completion of challenges and hitting milestones.
  • Pokémon GO Plus is an optional device that uses Bluetooth to connect to the device and provide players with notifications when players are not playing the game.

Playing In Teams

While in Pokémon  GO, players may be asked to pick a team, who will determine what gyms are yours and what gyms belong to the opponents. There’s not much known about the three teams.

What To Expect In Battles

It appears, based on the field tests, that there are action-based battles in Pokémon Go. Players can tap the screen to carry out a quick attack or press and hold the screen to get a charged attack. And, when players are being attacked, it’ll provide players with an opportunity to dodge attacks by swiping the screen.

It costs Energy for both dodges and attacks.

When at the Pokémon Gym, the player’s goal is to overthrow the Gym Leader’s Pokémon. When a player wins the battle, they gain experience and affect the prestige level of the gym.
There are still not much known about the game’s combat system, and changes could be made until the game is officially released to the public.

PokeStops and The Real World

When players are involved in Pokémon GO, their real world’s location is very important. The kind of environment a person is in will determine what kind of Pokémon they’ll find. For instance, water-type Pokémon are only encountered by bodies of water – ocean, rivers, lakes, etc.

Players need to keep their eyes out for PokéStops, which are prominent locations like monuments. When a PokéStop is reached, more PokéBalls and other items can be obtained. PokeStops are also a great source of Pokémon Eggs, which hatch when you walk for a certain distance with them.

Pokémon Gyms are located in certain areas of the world. If a player’s team owns a Gym, a Pokémon can be assigned to protect it. Opponents’ gyms can be challenged by battling the Pokémon that defend it with their own.

What To Know About Trading

Pokémon Trading is possible in Pokémon GO. However, players need to be within a specified radius and location. Complete details of this have yet to be announced.

Pokémon GO In-App Purchases

Pokémon GO is free but does offer optional in-app purchases, which may concern some fans. Players can buy items with their Gems from the PokéStops. Actual money can purchase in-game currency but Gems can be obtained from PokéStops.  Information about this is still not yet clear.

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