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The latest WhatsApp version for iOS is 2.16.6 and it was uploaded on the iTunes on June 3. Over three weeks have passed since then and users are hardly waiting for a new update, which is rumored to come with new features that will include the ability to share music from their devices or from Apple Music.

Screenshots of this feature were posted by German website and if WhatsApp will introduce it, iPhone and iPad users will be able to share songs from their devices or from their Apple Music accounts. Recipients will see a music player icon and the album chart and they will listen to the song by tapping on the icon, but with the condition to be an Apple Music subscriber. Otherwise, this won’t work and the recipient will be tempted to join this music service which costs $9.99 per month. It isn’t known yet if this feature will be available for Android users or if it will be linked to Google Music Play.

The second change in the latest iOS beta version is support for auto-playing GIFs and rumors say that users will have the ability to embed GIFs directly into their chats. Most likely, GIF support will roll out firstly for Android, the operating system that has priority to get most of the new features. Users are also expecting bigger emojis that will be introduced alongside iOS 10, and they will be able to send group invites as well. But changes won’t stop here. The application will receive a Twitter-like mentions feature that will allow users to tag their phonebook contacts in a chat. Soon, the video calling feature will be added as well and this will make WhatsApp even more popular than Skype. It seems that things are going great for WhatsApp, as recently, it announced that every day are made over 100 million voice calls on this application.