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As expected, the E3 2016 has been quite crazy for the gaming community. The event has brought us tons of information, preview of games, releases and many more. During the event, Microsoft has presented its upcoming products, the Xbox Project Scorpio and Xbox One S.

The Xbox One Slim (also known as Xbox One S) will be a smaller and slimmer version of the Xbox One consoles. In fact, the console is expected to be 40% smaller than the current Xbox One, and this will please many gamers who didn’t like the aspect of the Xbox One – being one of the main reasons why they didn’t purchase the console when it was released. However, thanks to the Xbox One Slim, we are pretty sure that there will be a good amount of people who will want to purchase it. Hopefully, this time, Microsoft will also come with a decent price for the console.

According to Microsoft, Xbox One S will not be just slimmer and smaller than the current Xbox One, but it will come with new features such as: ability to watch blu-ray movies, stream videos at 4K Ultra HD, play content from partner such as Amazon Video or Netflix. In addition, the Xbox One S will also offer HDR support for both gaming and video, in order to experience luminous and richer colors in games. The Xbox One S will also feature a newly designed Xbox Wireless Controller that will come with textured grip for enhanced comfort. In addition the signal performance of the new Xbox Wireless Controller will be increased, which means that the maximum range between the Xbox One S and the controller will doubled.

Microsoft said that the Xbox Project Scorpio will be a monster of gaming consoles and it will be released sometime next year. In other words, if you didn’t purchase yet an Xbox One console, you should just wait for the Project Scorpio to be released, instead of getting the upcoming Xbox One Slim.

Take a look below at the E3 2016 trailer of the Project Scorpio: