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Everybody is amazed by the OnePlus 3 device, because it offers the same advantages of a flagship Android, but at half the price. However, there is a significant amount of people who also prefer the iPhone.

Though they are quite different, the OnePlus 3 and the iPhone 6S have similar looks. They both have an aluminum unibody design, look super slim and offer a fingerprint sensor on the front. If you are really keen on details, you will see that the iPhone is slightly thicker and heavier than the OnePlus. The latter looks a lot like HTC 10, elegant and modern.

Apple offered for the iPhone 6S the same 720 p display that comes in the size of 4.7 inches. It has great contrast and bright colors, but you can still spot the pixels if you look closely. Meanwhile, the OnePlus 3 wins at this category with an 1080 pixels screen. Its 5.5 inches bring you enough of the OLED display which is definitely better than the iPhone’s offer.

When it comes to cameras, the iPhone 6S has kept the flag quite high, carrying the legacy of a high quality camera of the previous devices, but kicking it up a notch with 12 MP back camera. However, it doesn’t have the image stabilization option included by the OnePlus. Microsoft’s device has a 16 MP sensor and an useful image processing option.

The iOS 9 offers you a fast and friendly experience, plus they improved their apps and games, which is important. Meanwhile, OnePlus 3 runs on Android Marshmallow, combined with a light interface. Microsoft chose to use a Snapdragon 820 for the device, together with 6 GB RAM, while the iPhone gets you an A9 chipset and just 2 GB RAM which some may find disappointing.