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If you’re an avid Fallout player, then you’ve probably noticed some bugs and some issues that really required fixing in the game and Bethesda – the company responsible for the Fallout series – has just released a 1.5.3 update with many bug fixes and a Contraptions DLC fix for the PC version.

The update also brings many improvements for the mods that are very popular among users.

As to what concerns the Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC fix which will also come with the update, know that it will enable users to track their armor and weapons without actually loosing the legendary status on their mods. This is a problem that many Contraptions DLC players have complained about – the fact that they lose their Legendary status when they remove items from the racks.

Another improvement that will come with the update is that there is more space now for the mod detail page. Basically, there will be more information about the mods for those who are interested in them. There will also be more filters for the Most Popular page like ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’ and ‘All Time’

However, this 1.5.3 update won’t fix other bugs like the future expansion bug, but Bethesda has stated that they are already working on it alongside Valve in order to release a small patch for it, because it was only seen on the PC version of the game so far.

Apart from the Contraption DLC, Bethesda announced at the E3 2016 event that there will be two more DLC releases this summer: Vault-Tec Workshop will be released in July and Nuka-World will be released in August.

The 1.5.3 update will also be released soon for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s very possible that Bethesda is still focusing on fixing problems that are specific to the game consoles.