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WhatsApp’s latest beta version 2.16.86 includes an extremely annoying notification, which occurs whenever users start the program up. It tells users that the web client is already active.

The reason it’s a bit annoying is that it remains there, and will re-appear when users change to the WhatsApp Web tab. Worst off, there’s no way to currently turn it off. It will, on the other hand, go away if the web client isn’t used for some time.

The notification is connected to the safety, meaning users may have forgotten to close out their WhatsApp Web tab and someone else could read the conversation they have. With the notification, it reminds users to shut out the conversation and close out the web tab.

Users have a problem with this notification because of the way it makes them assume they’ve got new messages even though they don’t. They’re forced to click the notification box, which takes up a slot within the notification dropdown. It’s an issue when a person is using the Web Client on their PC.

If users are wearing the Android Wear Water, every time a notification appears, it causes the device to vibrate. This can be extremely uncomfortable.

For the time being, there’s no way to eliminate it without eliminating all notifications from WhatsApp such as missed messages, etc.

An option WhatsApp developers should come up with is deactivating the notification for this feature. Some users are not all that concerned with this privacy issue or it’s just them accessing the WhatsApp Web Client.