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WhatsApp, the widely used messaging app that was bought by Facebook for 22 million dollars has recently announced on its social messaging platform that it’s working on many fun new features.

A German site named Macerkopf posted some info about the latest notes regarding the beta – because it has access to them – and they’re related to a music sharing feature. People can use that feature to send music to their contacts. The music can refer to tracks that are stored locally or to tracks that come from Apple music. So far, nobody knows, not even the beta testers, if WhatsApp will support other music streaming services like Saavn or Spotify.

The feature will also place a significant importance on recipients seeing the album art along with experiencing the music. That is why, when users will share a track, the other person in the conversation will see a player with the album art. In order to listen to the music, users will have to tap the icon.

If we think about it, music sharing is exactly what Whatsapp needed to be in line with the other major messaging apps. It can already be used to share videos, pictures, contacts, documents and location so all that was missing was the music sharing part. And now it has that too!

Apart from the music sharing features, there will also be some changes to the emojis. Reportedly, they will be bigger much like the ones we saw in iOS 10, but slightly different.

Not only that, but WhatsApp will also get a feature that is similar to public group talks and Twitter where anyone will be able to join a conversation by clicking on a link.

We’re excited to see the new features and keep in mind that people use WhatsApp for up to 100 million voice calls per day so there should be many more interesting features to be added to the app in the future.

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