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It’s already been quite a while since The Sims was released for consoles, and many people are waiting for another release for PS4 and Xbox One. In fact, there are several reports indicating that EA is planning to release in the fall of this year the fourth installment of the franchise for consoles. Also, other rumors say that Maxis and EA keep working together in order to find out how to make the games run on the consoles. Another interesting rumor is the one regarding the release of The Sims 5 on EA Play, but there is no official information about this anyway.

EA has declared in the past that they will be making a Sims 5 only if Sims 4 will succeed in making enough money to support another game. Perhaps they didn’t get enough money from the Sims 4 until now, which would mean the Sims 5 isn’t as close as we’d want it to be. Moreover, they invested a lot in the fourth game and they haven’t even launched enough expansion packs so as to milk all the money out of it. They even removed any gender troubles, so it is free for everybody.

Those who are nostalgic can always replay the first Sims, where the only neighbors you had around were the Goths. Since then though, we have to admit that the franchise evolved quite a lot, both in what concerns the graphics and the game play. Playing on the consoles would be a nice alternative for those who can’t afford upgrading their PC only to be able to play a game. Of course, it doesn’t compare to THAT feeling of the game, but it’s an interesting option.