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Many people believed that along with the apparition of smartphones and powerful computers, the living room type of gaming will disappear. However, they proved to be wrong, since consoles like PS 4 and Xbox One have never been more successful. There are lots of games that have console versions and those who don’t are currently working on them. However, there is indeed a strong competition between the Xbox One and PS4 on the market.

When it comes to hardware, Xbox is not really keen on keeping up with the latest developments. For instance, they only adopted the HDMI support a couple of years after everybody started using this technology. Not even now they are not bringing any significant hardware upgrade, so don’t get too excited when you head to the store to get a new console.

The design is not an innovation either. Sony is still offering a black plastic angular body, with the Blu-ray drive and two USB ports. It has Bluetooth for connecting to the DualShock 4 controller and it also allows a wireless connection. Other than that, it’s the same old PS as you know it. Xbox One hasn’t upgraded its design either, looking like an old VCR. It has a Blu-ray drive in the front and a USB 3.0 port on the side, with two other placed in the back.

As to the controllers, you have to know that the PS DualShock 4 remains the same. Now you have a Share button if you want to share videos or other types of content on the PS Network. The controller for Xbox One is quite tricky, since the newest one lacks Bluetooth or rechargeable batteries, but it does come with a headset jack. It depends on you what you need most and what you would like to play with.

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