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Thankfully for people who were experiencing issues when playing public Minigames, the developers at 4J Studios launched the Minecraft update, version 1.29 for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. It is available only in North America in Europe for now.

They discovered the issues soon after the previous version of the update, 1.28 was released at the beginning of this week and immediately after, they started working on a patch. Also, they are currently testing with the Nintendo company for a patch for Wii U too.

For those of you whyo live in the US and have bought the Battle Map Pack Season Pass for $9.99, rest assured that 4J Studios know about the issue and are currently working on solving it, as they posted on Twitter on June 23rd.

As you may know (or not), this Battle Map Pack Season Pass allows you to access all the 4 map packs when they are available. Moreover, with this you will be able to enjoy future content that will be released in the game. This is expected to be launched in June next year.
People really appreciated the fact that the company quickly responded to all the complaints that followed the initial update, and they put a lot of effort into solving it as quickly as possible.
Though many appreciate the quality of the game and the universe as such, there are others too who appreciate the professionalism and the good job people are doing in developing the game. Truth be told, they sure know how to maintain their fan base happy and to help them with whatever issue arises on the way. Last but not least, we are all anxious to see what improvements will the team bring to the game.