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Android N is just around the corner, causing users to feel mixed feelings. Some of them are excited to meet the newest version of the Android OS, which will reportedly bring a host of exciting features. Others, meanwhile, are apprehensive of it, particularly those who still haven’t received the Android 6.0 update in their phones. This is completely understandable; after all, as Android N’s release date gets nearer, their chances of getting Marshmallow gets slimmer.

Fortunately, if you own the Lenovo K4 Note or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, you’re in luck since it seems that you’ll get Android 6.0 soon. These two devices are set to receive Android Marshmallow within the next few days or weeks, which means that you’ll likely get the update before Android N gets rolled out.

Lenovo K4 Note

The Marshmallow update for Lenovo K4 Note has already been released in India starting on June 1. It will be rolled out to all K4 Note devices in the country so, if you own one and are based in India, you can expect to get the update any time soon. It will be rolled out through over-the-air (OTA) connection, which means you’ll automatically receive an update once it becomes available for your device. You can also manually check if it’s already available for you by going to Settings, tapping About Phone, and choosing System Update.

The update will reportedly be around 1.6 GB in size, so you’ll need to have a strong and consistent internet connection to download it and have enough space in your device to accommodate it. You must also have enough battery life to ensure your phone won’t turn itself off while you’re completing the download and installation process.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 that’s on Verizon, you’re in luck since the U.S. carrier has started to roll out the Android 6.0 update for your device. The update is being rolled out in stages so it may take days or weeks for it to reach out; once it does, though, you’ll automatically receive a message notifying you that the update is available for your tablet. If you want to do a manual check to see if you can already download it, simply go to your device’s Settings, choose About Device, and tap on Check for Updates.

The Marshmallow update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 comes with the build number MMB29K.T817VVRU2BPE1. Verizon reminds its customers to ensure they have a fully charged battery and connect to a strong internet connection before proceeding with the download.

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