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Recently, on June 23, Microsoft announced the release of the biggest content for Halo 5, after his release. You will be able to access the expansion starting June 29. According to a Xbox blog post, this is in order to celebrate the next week’s release of Warzone Firefight. Also, they will let Live Gold members to download and play Halo 5: Guardians for free, starting June 29 and ending July 5th. During this period it will also be 50% on sale. So now it’s the best time to start playing the game, if you haven’t started already!

The beta version for the Warzone Firefight has been launched back in April. Microsoft declared that 343 Industries has taken into account the feedback many players and thus they improved lots of aspects of the expansion before releasing it. Hopefully this will attract more positive feedback in the future.

Now gamers will have to fight and win over a boss whose name is Grunt Goblin for the next expansion. The DLC also brings out 3 entirely new maps for multiplayer mode. Out of the three, two are for Warzone (and are called Prospect and Attack on Sanctum), and the last one is for Arena, being called Molten.

You will also find in the expansion REQ additions, like armor sets, variants for vehicles and weapons. Moreover, the Campaign mode received a new mode called Score Attack.You have to earn 50 medals and you will earn lots of points if you kill your enemies in a stylish manner.

There will be more surprises that will be announced on the live stream 343 Industries will be holding on June 28 at 2 PM on their Twitch channel.

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