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As it seems, GTA 6 will be totally making a jump and moving out of the U.S. Surprisingly, this will be the first out of many games in the franchise that will be leaving the US to… London! Sadly, the new game is rumored to be released only in 2018, so fans will have some waiting to do before they enjoy the new story.

Still, the information is not 100% officially confirmed, Rockstar Games, the GTA developers, have previously declared on more than one occasion that they do not plan to limit on American locations or culture and that they would like to extend the universe to other locations too. Dan Houser, who is a co-founder of Rockstar Games, has discussed this many times in public, though he never gave any clear specific indication that this will happen starting with the GTA 6.

In fact, the company has already made a step forward expanding the universe of their games. They released an expansion pack that takes place in London for the first game of the franchise. However, given the fact that the technology has evolved a lot over the years, we should expect the new game to look incredible. Also, rumor has it that they plan to include the biggest map of all the games in this new installment.

However, despite having talked about the company’s wish to move the action overseas, Houser also mentioned the fact that they might be saving the London location for something else too. Also, they still haven’t officially confirmed the release of GTA 6. Other rumors say that it will be launched in 2018 and that it will include for the first time a female character.

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