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God of War 4, the fourth installment in the beloved video game series based on Greek mythology, was shown at the E3 event by Sony.

Kratos is the only playable character

Unfortunately, this installment won’t feature multiplayer gaming as it was expected and Kratos will be the only playable character in the game. He will also be used in other GoW games to come. However, the game’s director Cory Barlog said that while it’s true that the game is not a multiplayer and gamers can only play the character Kratos, there is also a feature that enables players to control Kratos’ son by issuing instructions. It’s the closest players will get to controlling a different character.

Or, if you really want to play a multiplayer God of War, you’ll have to go back to the only game of this type in the series: God of War Ascension.

About Kratos

The main character in the game, Kratos, is now old and bearded (but still bad-ass) and will be voiced by Christopher Judge. The E3 trailer showed him battling a troll and it also showed him alongside his son (whose name in unknown at this point).

The cloaked figures

Some other interesting things fans got to see in the trailer were the cloaked figures. They appear all throughout the trailer and people have already begun to speculate as to what they are. Some of them believe that they are spies of Norse Gods while others believe that they are spirits or even Loki.

One of the cloaked figures could be seen just behind the kid in a scene in the trailer and one reddit fan wondered if it’s a human or a creature.

So far, Sony hasn’t made any comments about them or the identity of the boy – which also led fans to speculate that he could be Thor.