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Many improvements have already been made to the Google Earth app, but many people have not yet experienced its full potential. This is contrary to the globe which has been the major tool used a few decades ago to determine how the planet actually looked like. In fact, this new app can help individuals to view details of the world from any mobile device or computer.

Basically, the Google Earth app has also become so useful for the educational system as well as huge companies in locating, tracking, and watching different points with the use of real-time data. It was not long ago when first users who want to set up Google Earth are charged with $399 for Pro users. Nowadays, the Pro feature is offered for free to anyone.

Perhaps those who have not used it at all may wonder about its significance that any person should download and install it. Actually, there are many reasons that are considered useful beyond the ordinary searching for a single location anywhere around the world. Such reasons include:

The Golden Hour – It features the movement of the sun that anybody can enjoy. This is best for photographers who rely on natural lighting to acquire a perfect view.

Follow Your World – This feature will allow users to get updated photos and videos for any particular location that they would want to go to. This is such an essential feature for those who are planning for a family vacation or looking to move to a new location.

Weather Predictor – Those who want to know the weather differently can take advantage of this feature. Accordingly, it can offer updated photos and satellite feed as users will be aware of an incoming storm to keep them safe.

The current version of Google Earth can now be downloaded for free. However, the version 7.0 is said to have several changes to its famous program that include fixes and some added features. If you want to enjoy this updated app for your own benefit, try downloading it for Windows, Linux or Mac. Users can have paid or free versions that can differ in options offered.