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Clash Royale is perhaps one of the most popular and hooking mobile games that have ever existed. And with this agree millions of people worldwide who got hooked playing this every day. The game takes place in the same universe as the Clash of Clans, its bigger brother made also by Supercell, but you don’t need to play Clash of Clans in order to enjoy it.

It is in fact a strategy game with live multiplayer action. You have to defeat the towers of your opponents in time, before time runs out, or before they defeat you first. It feels like you are playing a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) type of game, like LOL or Vainglory. However, the best part is that here you get lots of collectibles, since the units are in fact deck cards. You get random cards in your hand during the battle, so you have to decide when to use them and where to place any card. Also, you have to keep track and use wisely the elixir you get.

The game mechanics are impressively easy to follow, since all you have to do is to draw the cards and drop then. After that, you will only have to watch the fight. Deck building, card selection and timing are essential for a good game and a victory. The point is to have a deck that helps you protect yourself and your home. Truth be told, there are lots of options in the 54 cards that are available in the game up until now, so you have to try a lot until you find the perfect combination for an undefeatable deck.

In the end, what might attract people so much is the fact that a battle is short and catchy, and you don’t have time to get bored.