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N64 was released back in 1996 by Nintendo and it was a huge success. Gamers nowadays regard it with certain nostalgia and view it as one of the best games the company ever released. Although it had a clunky unattractive controller and a quite small variety of games, it was very well received. If you ever had an N64 and wish to revisit some of the good old games, you should have a look at the next top:

  1. Super Mario. The game that ruined friendships and tested many people’s patience, Super Mario was an extremely well received game at the moment and not only. It is one of the first games with a 3D platform. It takes place in Princess Peach’s Castle and it has lots of levels you have to walk through. It is fun, but also challenging.
  2. Goldeneye 007. It had a fun campaign, but also a challenging one, being considered one of the best multiplayer action game. It has 20 missions and it follows the story of the film with the same name. Also, some maps are quite large for the technology available in 1997. What most people enjoyed about it was the fact that you could actually choose to play as characters from the movie and you could replay the game over and over again.
  3. The Legend of Zelda. Definitely one of the best games in this series, Zelda is seriously considered one of the best games in all times. The open world was quite small for what we are playing today, but it was revolutionary for that time. It is wonderfully made and it is indeed a delight to explore it. Many of you might remember it as being an awesome game, that is, if you ever stopped playing it!