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As more and more big companies are ditching the Adobe Flash Player for the HTML5, it seems that investors may find hard to justify the P/E ration of over 60 that Adobe still has. However, let’s not forget that Adobe is a big company that has many other applications that a good amount of people are using daily. In other words, Adobe is a company that still has a lot to offer to its clients and investors.

It is good to know that Adobe Systems have reported quite strong in the first quarter results, even if its flash player is not doing as good as a few years ago. The company has a revenue of 1.38 billion dollars, and year after year is recording a growth of 24.7%. The company has also shared net income of 254.3 million dollars, an increase of 169.4 million dollars compared to the first quarter of 2015.

We remind you that Adobe has protested a few years ago against Apple’s “no-Flash policy”, but in time, the company had to adapt to these conditions and it shifted its focus towards other products that it offers.

It seems that investors don’t worry about the continuously decrease usage of the Flash Player, as the company’s subscriber count of Creative Cloud subscriptions is growing with the speed of light. In the first quarter of 2016, Adobe has added over 798.000 new Creative Cloud subscriptions, which brings an overall Creative Cloud Subscribers to almost 7 million. According to Adobe, about to 30% of the subscribers are new and they expect even more users to subscribe in the near future.


It is clear that Adobe will not die, as it has a good amount of tools that are selling well. However, the Adobe Flash Player will surely die in about 1-2 years, whether we like it or not and this is because the HTML5 is bug-free and more secure.