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The biggest achievement of the application owned by Facebook was announced in February, when the developers were proud to declare that WhatsApp has surpassed 1 billion active users. The application seems to grow with each passing day and the new added features are one of the reasons why people are loyal to WhatsApp and they’re not dumping it for other messaging rival. Voice Calling is a feature that was introduced in February 2015 and after many tests and issues, the service has been improved and people are really using it, as according to the latest stats, over 100 million voice calls are maid every day.

Imagine that every second are made over 1,100 voice calls and this is a good thing, because WhatsApp has introduced voice calling way later than other applications such as Skype, which is 12 years old and has less active users who are making up 3 billion minutes of calls per day. But Skype is an application that’s used mostly by companies, thanks to its conference feature that allows business partners to keep in touch with each other and to talk about their projects. Among those million users are also home users who talk with their friends mostly about games.

WhatsApp has now 1 billion active users and when it was bought by Facebook in 2014, it had 600 million active users, but after the introduction of the voice calling feature, the number has exploded. It seems that, every day, its users are sending more messages than SMS texts sent by clients of mobile networks, and once the video calling feature will make its appearance, WhatsApp will definitely steal more users from Skype.

Facebook has also the Messenger application with 900 million users and last spring, this application made up ten percent of mobile global VOIP. The average time spent on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger combined is 50 minutes a day/user, but Facebook hasn’t specified if WhatsApp is included in this round-up.