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WhatsApp Has Unofficial App With Array Of Features

One of the most popular mobile messaging applications is WhatsApp, but there’s an unofficial application that lets users connect with WhatsApp servers and communicate with their family and friends. It was previously banned from WhatsApp servers, but it appears developers have discovered a way to avoid GBWhatsApp+ from being banned. This means the application is usable… problem-free.


People who use the official WhatsApp application should consider using GBWhatsApp+ version 4.40. What are the features of the unofficial app and how can a person install it?

What Are The Features With The GBWhatsApp+ Version?

  • Can’t be banned
  • Can copy phone numbers on friends’ profiles
  • Can use Theme Server to download themes
  • Privacy MODS
  • Themes MODS
  • Can alter the application’s notifications and icons
  • Can copy WhatsApp friends’ status
  • Ability to send up to 90 pictures
  • Ability to send videos of 30MB or less
  • Can hide date and names when messages are copied
  • Can check out media without loading
  • Ability to alter ticks/bubbles Style MOD

How To Install GBWhatsApp+ Version 4.40

Since it’s an unofficial version, people will need to search the Internet to download the APK file manually, and then install it onto their Android device. The device’s “Unknown Sources” should be enabled or the APK file won’t be downloadable from the third-party source.

“Unknown Sources” can be found in the device’s Settings, Applications and then Security. Once enabled, users will need to find the APK file in the phone to begin the installation.