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The new update of WhatsApp for Android, 2.16.135, doesn’t bring significant changes. The previous version prepared users for the changes that were about to be made to groups, and now, when creating a new group and selecting participants, a new screen pops-up and here, users can see a thumbnail of the participants and enter the subject and icon of the group. About the new Spaceships Games: The Invaders game we’ll tell you more later.

WhatsApp 2.16.135 for Android weighs in at 28.62 MB and it’s 3Kb smaller than the previous version. It has 19 new files, 9 modified files and 6 new icons and the major changes are related to the new screen that appears when creating groups. This is a beta update that can be downloaded from the Google Play store, but in order to have access to it, you must become a Beta tester. Once you succeed in becoming a beta tester, you will start receiving beta updates, but we must warn you that they’re not bug-free and you may not have the best experience until the next stable version will be released.

And if you get bored of chatting with your WhatsApp friends, what else you can do on your smartphone? You can play games, but which one is more interesting and addictive? There are plenty games you can download from the Google Play store or iTunes, but you’d be wasting your time checking as many games as possible.

Instead, we recommend you to try out Spaceships Games: The Invaders, a game created by Zombie Brothers for Android and iOS devices, and even if it has simple mechanics, it’s very fun to play, as it comes with 150 levels to pass and 6 Bosses to defeat. Players will need to annihilate Martians with three different types of weapons with normal shooting, missiles and a laser weapon of mass destruction. While advancing in the game, players will be able to upgrade their weapons with different power-ups.