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The Steam summer sale has just begun and here are some tips that will help you spend as little as possible and get as many games as you can out of this situation.

Lifehacker Steam Sale Guide.

This Steam Sales Guide from Lifehacker is one of the best compilations of strategies for getting the most out of this event out there. We definitely recommend it.

No more flash sales or daily deals

Steam Sales has recently adopted a different police from the previous events. Now, there are no more flash sales or daily deals and everything stays the way it is until the end of the event. If you happened to miss a deal that was highlighted, it’s all right because that game will have the same price until the Steam Sales ends.

You have to know exactly what you want to buy

If you know what game you want, go for it! If you’re having doubts about your choice we recommend that you read reviews before buying.

Resources are essential

The Steam site is an immense one full of many different kinds of stores. Our advice would be to check out a few resources before you try venturing on it alone.

There’s the SteanDB page which is ideal if you want to know all of the games that are discounted and you also get info related to the length of the sale and game reviews.

r/GameDeals on Reddit is a daily thread with lots of info about Steam Sale games in different currency, about trading cards and price history and so much more.

Download the Steam phone app if you’re trading cards

Basically, if you’re trading cards, you have to use the phone app for verification, because otherwise, you’re looking at a 15 day hold period and you’ll probably miss the sale. Furthermore, sell the cards early, but buy games later, because the trading cards value tends to go down with time.