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This morning, The Pokemon Company tweeted that the next info regarding the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games will come to fans on the 1st of July, which is next week, at 9 ET and 6 PT. The games were shown at the E3 event during Nitendo’s Treehouse Live, but fans concluded that the sample was less than interesting so they definitely expect more info. However, it was revealed that the games are free-for-all and that they feature three new Pokemon.

The three new Pokemon shown during the E3 event are the following: Yungoos, Pikipek and Grubbin. They are all absolutely adorable and have really cute names.

Yungoos is a Loitering Pokemon that wanders around and eats anything that it can find and then it falls asleep. It has very sharp teeth and can get aggressive if it doesn’t have anything to eat. Yungoos has a Steakout ability which basically powers up attacks that land exactly on an opponent. However, so far, it’s the only battle ability that it has and will probably get better when it evolves. Also, he looks like a mongoose which also explains the name.

Pikipek is a Woodpecker Pokemon that can peck sixteen times per second and shatter rocks. It likes to collect shiny objects which it will then take to its nest. This is why it has a name that also resembles the words pick-pocket. Because it is a Woodpecker Pokeom, it will probably have standard attacks like Drill Peck.

Grubbin is a Larva Pokemon which has a Swarm ability. It also has two strong pincers for burrowing and because it loves electricity it’s probably safe to assume that it will evolve into an Electric – type Pokemon

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the information we’ll be getting next week will be interesting and will make us want to play the games more than we want to now.

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