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Roku just made your decision to quit cable TV easier. Sony announced that they made available for downloading on Roku their app for live TV service on PlayStation Vue. This app can be used with Roku boxes, the Streaming Stick and TVs.

The company declared that there is also a Vue app for phones and tablets that run on Android and it will be made available next week. Similar to the iOS app that already exists for Apple tablets and smartphones, you will also need a Vue subscription for another device (such as Amazon Fire TV, PS 3 or 4 or Roku).

All in all, it seems that Vue is better than the competing Sling TV, another live TV service. This is mainly because they have more channels, cloud DVR and the possibility of creating several profiles for various members of the family. However, it is more expensive than Sling, but overall it offers a better service.

The interface of the Roku app looks totally different from the Vue app on PS or Amazon Fire TV. It has a simpler interface, bigger thumbnails, plain labels and you won’t find any overlay in the moving video. However, you will only see two rows at once, so you have to scroll in order to reach My Shows or Channels.

The reason here is perhaps the fact that most of Roku devices have weak processors if you compare them with a PS or Fire TV. Moreover, the original interface for Vue was pretty poor and it created a bad user experience. By using the Roku stick, the interface is faster and loads the next thumbnails really quick. Shows are loaded faster too, just like the response of the DVR.